Free Internet FAQ

Q1: Do I have to cancel my existing internet service to participate, or can I have more than one internet provider?

  • No, you can keep your current internet service active if you prefer, in addition to the Lumos free service.

Q2: I am already a Lumos customer, does this mean I no longer have to pay my bill?

  • In exchange for your participation, the pilot will cover the cost of the Lumos 500Mbps Total Home Wifi + eduroam package. Other existing services you may have from Lumos are not included in the pilot program.

Q3: Is there a financial commitment required?

  • No. The service is provided at no cost to families. Enhanced speeds/upgrades will be available for additional cost negotiated by your household directly with Lumos.

Q4: Will I need to provide access to my home?

  • Yes, Lumos installers will contact you to coordinate an installation time. If you do not want the in-home service, your student can still access eduroam at schools, on the bus, and in community centers, but will not have access to free Internet in the home.

Q5: Is my Internet traffic shared/monitored by GCS or anyone else?

  • No, TDI and GCS have specifically contracted with Lumos to provide eduroam service in the home, separate from the school’s network.

Q6: I have concerns about the content accessible on the Internet that might be available to my student.

  • GCS issued devices are equipped with software to provide the same level of content filtering at home as experienced at school.

Q7: Can other (adult) members of my household or other (personal) devices not part of Guilford County Schools participate?

  • Yes, however, such usage falls outside the pilot and therefore we are only able to assist with GCS issued devices.

Q8: How long will I have access to the free service and what happens at the end of the pilot?

  • The free service will be available through June 2026. TDI will seek ongoing funding to continue providing free access after June 2026.

Q9: Who do I call if I’m experiencing trouble or in need of support?

  • If you are experiencing an outage or difficulty with your home internet connection, contact Lumos at 855-465-8667 or email If you are experiencing trouble connecting to eduroam on your GCS device, contact GCS Technology Services at 336-335-3000 or email

Q10: My student goes to one of the pilot schools, but we have not been included in the free service option. Why is the service not available to my household?

  • This may be due to service difficulties reaching your home or in the case of students who reside outside the service area. However, your student will be able to access eduroam in school, on select buses, and in community centers. US-based eduroam locations, including community centers in Guilford County, can be found here.

Q11: What happens after I fill out the interest form?

  • Lumos will reach out to you within a week to discuss the next steps and provide more information on the installation process and timeline.